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The 21st Century Energy Group offers several programs to help simplify and give you control of your #2 Heating Oil, Blended Fuel, Kerosene or Propane purchasing and delivery.

Automatic Delivery
Will Call Delivery
Flex Pay Plan
Pre-Buy Plan
Price Cap Plan


Automatic Heating Fuel & Propane Delivery

Automatic Delivery option utilizes our fuel management software to analyze your past delivery history with current temperatures. Based on your tank size, we calculate when your Heating Fuel or Propane Tank should be due for a delivery. A delivery is scheduled when our system calculates your tank is approximately 20% full for Heating Fuel, and approximately 30% full for Propane (average deliveries occur 5-7 weeks apart). Automatic Delivery provides peace of mind that you will not run out of Heating Fuel or Propane.

Automatic Delivery customers receive a price per gallon that is 2¢ lower than our Will Call price, just for being an automatic delivery customer! Sign up for the Automatic Delivery today!

Contact Us To Sign Up How Do We Calculate Your Usage?


Will Call Heating Fuel & Propane* Delivery

Should you feel comfortable keeping track of your own Heating Fuel and Propane* quantity and consumption, Will Call Delivery is the option for you. With this option you are in complete control of when you need deliveries and monitoring your own tank levels. Simply call us when your Heating Fuel or Propane* is at a level where you will need a delivery and we will fill your tank the next day we are in your area.

*Will Call for Propane is available to those customers who own their own tank or have made special arranegments with our credit department. Customers who have our Propane tanks on loan must remain on Automatic Delivery to fulfill the Propane tank loan requirements.

Flex Pay Plan (Formerly The Budget Plan)

With the Flex Pay plan our credit managers work with your usage and your budget to calculate a manageable monthly payment to spread the cost of your home heat over a 12 month period.

Talk To A Credit Manager Today

Pre-Buy Plan

Every year we have an open enrollment into our Pre-Buy Plan. From mid summer until September15th we offer the chance for you to Pre-Buy your Heating Fuel or Propane for the upcoming heating season. This gives us the ability to offer you a great price and peace of mind that you have already purchased your Heating Fuel or Propane. No matter how the market fluctuates, you already have your fuel purchased. The only requirements of the program are that you purchase a 500 minimum gallons of Heating Fuel or Propane and use it within 24 months of purchase.

*Terms and Conditions

Contact Us About The Pre-Buy Plan

Price Cap Plan

The Price Cap Plan gives you the ability to manage how you purchase your Heating Fuel and Propane for the upcoming heating season. Like the Pre-Buy plan we have open enrollment in mid summer until September 15th. Based on current market conditions we set a price per gallon for Heating Fuel and Propane. This price is the capped price for that heating season. Then for every delivery through March 31st of the following year, you are guaranteed not to pay more than that capped price per gallon no matter how the cost of fuel fluctuates. If the cost of fuel rises you are guaranteed the capped price. But if the cost of fuel drops below the capped price, our system will use the cheaper of the two prices to maximize your home heating fuel dollar! A small application fee applies.

*Terms and Conditions

Contact Us About the Price Cap Plan

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