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Commercial Fuels Commercial On and Off Road Diesel, Gasoline, and Propane


No matter what type of Fuel or Propane your business, farm, church, or government location requires, we can provide and deliver the Fuel or Propane for your needs. We service remote locations or temporary job sites, your tank or ours. We carry a wide range and grades of On and Off Road Diesel, Gasoline, and Propane for every industrial and commercial application.

Conventional Gasoline
Large Volumes
Commercial Propane
Diesel Exhaust Fluid - DEF
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Providing both On and Off Road Diesel as well as Bio-Diesels we can keep your industrial equipment, farm, and job site running. We have a selection of Diesel Fuel for all equipment and EPA requirements. High Sulfur, Low Sulfur, Ultra Low Sulfur, Supreme, or Bio, we can provide and delivery it all.

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Offering three grades of unleaded gasoline makes us your main point of distribution and delivery for your Gasoline needs. 87, 89, and 93 Octane are the three main grades of Gasoline used in today's industry, with E85 also available by request. Whether for your farm, jobsite, small fleet, service, or gas station, we provide only the highest quality of branded and un-branded Gasoline.

We have partnered with the following suppliers to ensure our Gasoline products are top quality. Click To View Supplier Website.

Visit BP.com For More Information

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Conventional Non-Ethanol Gasoline

With today's gasoline containing certain percentages of Ethanol, some small and older engines may not function properly with the amount of Ethanol in the gasoline. This can result in poor engine performance. Our suppliers have recognized this problem and have recently starting offering a Conventional grade of Gasoline that is much like gasoline that was available several years ago, containing no Ethanol. This Conventional Non-Ethanol Gasoline, or sometimes referred to as Recreational Gasoline or Rec Gas, allows these types of motors and engines to perform in the way they were intended. This Conventional Non-Ethanol Gasoline is also available in three octane grades depending on your need and availability from our suppliers (87, 89, and 90 Octane). If you are experiencing issues with the standard Ethanol grade Gasoline in your small or old engine, this Conventional Non-Ethanol Gasoline may be your answer.

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Large Volumes

If you own a Gas or Service station, a large vehicle fleet, large commercial company, or are a Fuel provider and need access and deliveries of large volumes of Gasoline and Diesel fuel; we can provide you with what you need. With our own fleet of tankers, we can deliver transport loads of Diesel, Gasoline, Heating Fuel, or Propane your location needs with direct terminal to customer delivery.

Please contact our sales department about large volume Transport Loads.

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Commercial Propane

Providing Propane and equipment for commercial and industrial use has become one of our specialties. As the Propane industry continues to grow, so does the uses for Propane. Industrial Propane cooking, power generation, Propane heating, vehicle fueling, and Propane reselling are all aspects of what we provide our customers. Small Propane cooking applications for restaurants or large Propane volumes for industrial heating, we have the equipment and knowledge to keep your business running.

Installing and supplying Propane Dispensers has become a staple in our Propane department. Providing Propane dispensers allows the resellers that we supply to fill on site customer owned Propane tanks and cylinders as well as their own. The most common is a Propane dispensing station for refilling 20 lb cooking / grill / RV tanks for the customer's home use.

We also stock and install all types of Propane equipment and Propane tanks associated with all the needs of the Propane user. We can help recommend sizes and equipment needs, set, and install the Propane tanks or cylinders, plumb the setup, and provide end user Propane dispensing apparatus and training.

Please contact our Propane department with any questions for your commercial Propane needs, large or small. We are here to help.

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Diesel Exhaust Fluid - DEF

With the ever changing emissions regulations for cleaner burneing engines and motor, one technology has become common in Diesel powered vehicles. Selective Catalytic Reduction or SCR. This technology injects a Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) into the engine system's exhaust which turns the harmful Nitrous Oxide into Nitrogen and water vapor. DEF is a pure, aqueous solution of urea. Stored on board the vehicle, it is injected into the system for a cleaner burning exhaust.

If your vehicle or fleet requires DEF, we are a distributor of the Air1 brand fluid. Air1 brand DEF is available at all of our locations, including our Last Minit Mart conveinence stores. Avaliable for immediate pickup at most locations, sold in 1 gallon & 2.5 gallon bottles. For larger quantities of DEF we offer 55 gallon drums as well as 275 gallon & 330 gallon totes. For large fleet management DEF is also available by the bulk tanker loads to your location and storage tank.

Please visit the Air1.com website for specific product information or nationwide distribution locations. You can also download the Air1 Mobile App!

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Utica & Marcellus Gas Drilling Supplier

The recent Utica and Marcellus Shale natural gas discovery, exploration, and drilling has created a energy and economic boom in the Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio area. As drilling and exploration takes hold, high quality On and Off road fuels are needed to keep the drilling and exploration equipment running at peak performace. Drilling and exploration companies turn to The 21st Century Energy Group for their fuel and lubricant needs to keep they equipment and drilling pads functional and running 24/7. On and Off Road Diesel and Gasoline are needed for everything from transport vehicles to move equipment, supplies, and product to generators to illuminate drill sites and provided on site electricity.

If your a Utica / Marcellus Shale drilling, exploration, or transport company and are moving into or currently in the Western Pennsylvania or Eastern Ohio area and are looking for a fueling supplier please contact us today so that we can help keep your operations running smoothly.

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IFTA Tax Regulations

Is your fleet keeping correct IFTA records?

For qualifying vehicles all records must be kept for interstate and intrastate travel, including trip mileage, dates, destinations, and fuel purchases.

IFTA or International Fuel Tax Agreement is an agreement that provides for home state reporting of fuel taxes for operators of qualified motor vehicles that are used in interstate operations.

The motor carriers road tax/IFTA is applied to fuel consumed by qualified motor vehicle operators within Pennsylvania, and qualified motor vehicles operated in Pennsylvania intrastate activities only are subject to fuel taxation under the motor carriers road tax.

The following institutes qualifying vehicles.

  • Having 2 axles and exceeding 26,000 lbs registered weight
  • Having 3 axels regardless of weight
  • Used in combination with a gross or registered weight exceeding 26,000 lbs

Below is more IFTA regulation information and links to the Pennsylvania IFTA website.
*Some may require Adobe Reader Download Here

Pennsylvania State IFTA Website IFTA Road Tax Informational Brochure
IFTA Commonly Asked Questions General IFTA Tax Agreement
All Pennsylvania IFTA Forms    

*The above statements are for information purposes only. In no way are the above statements to be used as advice by The 21st Century Energy Group as to the extent or eligibility of IFTA requirements. The 21st Century Energy Group in no way will be held responsible for IFTA fleet mis-management due to information included on this page.

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