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Heating Oil and Kerosene spills and leaks inside your home can cause quite a mess and can be very expesive to clean up. Not to mention the potential enviromental issues it may cause. We conduct free indoor visual tank inspections to stop problems before they start.

This is for Heating Fuel storage tanks located inside a structure only.

Tank Inspection


Indoor Heating Fuel Tank Inspections

In efforts to become more efficient in our deliveries and to keep your residence and the environment clean and safe, we are being required by our insurance company to inspect all heating oil storage tanks located inside any structure and to identify all active and inactive fill and vent pipes outside the structure. Verifying the integrity of a storage tank helps us safeguard against accidental leaks and spills, damaging property inside and outside of a structure. Cleanup of leaks and spills due to faulty tanks and / or connected piping increases cost and requires personnel time.

We will inspect your storage tank at your convenience during one of your first couple deliveries starting in the summer of 2015 free of charge. We appreciate your cooperation while we inspect the physical condition of your storage tanks, mounting, fill and vent pipes, connections, and heating source supply lines. Your active fill pipes, vent pipes, and inactive vent pipes will also be color coded outside the structure to ensure correct filling procedures.

You will be furnished with a copy of the inspection form for your records along with any improvements that need be made to ensure safe fuel storage. Any improvements that are indicated must be performed prior to your next delivery that follows the inspection. This allows time for the indicated improvements to be made.  If the indicated improvements are not made, we will reserve the right to deny subsequent deliveries due to unsafe fuel storage conditions which could cause damage to property.

These inspections protect us as well as you and your residence from potential hazardous fuel conditions.

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