Local County Fair Chees Auctions

August 20, 2021 | Posted in Community Support

Local county 4H and FFA programs hold Cheese Auctions each year to help youth raise money for their future 4H and FFA programs and projects. Each participant’s dairy cows are judged on their cheese making qualities and each participant is given a basket of cheese that represents what their dairy cow could produce. These baskets of cheese are then auctioned off to individuals and businesses. The 21st Century Energy Group is proud to participate in these auctions to support local youth.

7-20-21 – Ashtabula County Fair – Orwell Oil and The 21st Century Energy Group was part of a group buying effort to purchase Emma Britton’s cheese basket. Emma comes from Britton Farms in Jefferson OH.

8-18-21 – Lawrence County Fair – The Lawrence County 4H and FFA hold their annual Cheese Auction during their Dairy Delight Night during the Lawrence County Fair. Reed Oil and The 21st Century Energy Group purchased a pair of cheese baskets from Chloe and Delaney Stugeon from Camp Run Farms in Fombell PA.

Visit The Astabula County 4H Website

Visit The Lawrence County 4H Website

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