Manage Your Heating Costs With Our Flex Payment Plan

May 7, 2024 | Posted in Special Offers, Seasonal, Articles

Take advantage of our Flex Payment Plan for your residential Heating Oil and Propane for the upcoming heating season.

The Flex Pay Plan estimates your entire Heating Oil or Propane costs for the upcoming season and spreads it out evenly over 12 monthly payments starting in July.

Payments made in late Summer and early Fall builds a credit on your account. As you begin to receive deliveries through the heating season that credit, along with your continued monthly payments, cover those delivery costs. Payments made during spring are then used pay any remaining balance on the account after the heating season.

Enrollment in the Flex Pay Plan is open now through June 30th. Click below to contact us to see what your monthly payment could be, or for more details about this plan.

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