Non-Ethanol Recreational Gasoline

June 19, 2023 | Posted in LMM, Seasonal, Articles

Most gasolines at your local gas station or convenience store contain a percentage of Ethanol blended in which helps lower emissions in todays vehicles. This Ethanol, although better for the environment, cause cause havoc on small motors and equipment or if stored over a period of time. Ethanol can break down over time and cause buildup in the fuel system which can lead to poor performance or costly repairs.

A Non-Ethanol Recreational Gasoline is now available that is perfectly formulated for these types of engines and equipment. Without the Ethanol blend, these small engines run better and last longer without the threat of power robbing buildup or breakdown.

This Non-Ethanol Recreational Gasoline is available at most of our Last Minit Mart Convenience Stores at the pump, and larger quantities are available for delivery from any one of our Fuel Delivery Centers. So whether you need a better fuel solution for your lawn mower or have larger equipment that needs to run at top performance, we have options for you.

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Convenience Store Locations

Delivery Center Locations

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