Commercial Propane

Providing Propane and equipment for commercial and industrial use has become one of our specialties. As the Propane industry continues to grow, so does the uses for Propane. Industrial Propane cooking, power generation, heating, vehicle fueling, and Propane reselling are all aspects of what we provide our customers. Small Propane cooking applications for restaurants or large Propane volumes for industrial heating, we have the equipment and knowledge to keep your business running.

On-site cylinders can also be filled off of our delivery trucks. 33 lb cylinders for forklifts and tow motors as well as 100 lb cylinders for many different commercial or agricultural applications.

We also stock and install all types of Propane equipment and Propane tanks associated with all the needs of the Propane user. We can help recommend sizes and equipment needs, set, and install the Propane tanks or cylinders, plumb the setup, and provide end user Propane dispensing apparatus and training.

Please contact our Propane department with any questions for your commercial Propane needs, large or small. We are here to help.

Agricultural / Farm Propane

Every fall farmers across the area harvest their crops to store for the winter. Before these crops can be stored, they need to be properly dried to reduce the moisture content so that the crops can be safely packed into silos for the upcoming winter and spring. To do this, the crops are processed through large dryers. Many of these dryers run on Propane. These dryers can be run all day long over several days or weeks to quickly dry and process a farmer’s crops.

We work with many farmers and agricultural businesses to set large capacity Propane tanks and keep them filled throughout this crop drying season, sometimes filling these tanks multiple times a day.

If your farm or agricultural business would like to discuss the benefits of using Propane for your crop drying process, please contact us for more information.

Propane Dispenser Stations

Installing and supplying Propane Dispensers has become a staple in our Propane department. Providing Propane dispensers allows the resellers that we supply, to fill on site customer owned Propane tanks and cylinders as well as their own. The most common is a Propane dispensing station for refilling 20 lb cooking / grill / RV tanks for the customer’s home use, although any size cylinders can be filled including 30, 33, 40, 50 , 60, and 100 lb cylinders.

Propane Dispenser training is provided by one of our certified propane professionals.

Cylinder Exchange Cages

For resellers who don’t want to bother with large on-site propane tanks or training staff on cylinder filling procedures, we offer 20lb cylinder exchange cages for quick and easy swapping of customer tanks. We provide a secure lockable cage that houses multiple 20lb cylinders that can just be exchanged with a customer’s empty cylinder, or sold outright. We then pickup the returned empty cylinders to recertify and replenish your cage with full cylinders.

Propane Generators and Back-up Power

Losing electric due to weather and other infrastructure issues can cost a homeowner or business hundreds if not thousands of dollars due to essential household or commercial equipment that will not function. These outages can last days or weeks at a time depending on the issue.

Many home and business owners are turning to generators for back-up power supply to keep household appliances and commercial equipment up and running when power fails. Many of these generators run on clean, efficient Propone. Most generators are designed to power up when the main electric powers down. The 21st Century Energy Group can install and supply both a tank and the Propane gas to run your back-up generator to keep your home or business running.

Temporary Jobsite Propane Heat

Heating a jobsite can sometimes be a challenge. Choosing a portable, low-cost, efficient solution is key. Propane can easily fit the bill when it comes to temporary on-site heating. No expensive tanks to buy, messy fuels to dispense, and a heating source and supply that can be moved with ease.

The 21st Century Energy Group can help with the setup providing Propane tanks, cylinders, and deliveries when you need them. This keeps your job-site warm and dry and your employees happy. Call our Propane specialists to discuss your temporary Propane heating setup.