Residential Propane

The 21st Century Energy Group is the PREMIER retailer of Propane Gas in the Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio area. We not only sell and deliver the Propane Gas; we install the Propane tanks and outside plumbing free of charge!*. Propane is becoming the fuel customers turn to when converting from another source or upgrading appliances.

*No Charge propane setup refers to a standard installation required by safety guidelines for your installation type and tank size. Other deviations from the standard installation requested from the customer may incur additional charges.

Propane Heating

Propane Gas has been growing as a dependable, economical, and clean alternative when it comes to heating your home. Propane is currently used by 12.6 million households as a main heating source and growing everyday. With constantly increasing utility costs for natural gas or electric, Propane is an economically stable product that outperforms natural gas and electric when it comes to keeping your family warm. We supply and deliver Propane and tanks for whatever size or setup of heating you have in your home, whether it’s a furnace, space heater, or Propane fireplace.

Cooking & Hot Water With Propane

Not only is Propane used for home heating, Propane is a versatile product that can be used for cooking and heating your hot water. Most gas appliances are setup to accept both propane and natural gas or have conversion kits available. If the cost of natural gas to your home is too high, or you’re not pleased with the performance of your electric stove or water heater; consider Propane as a more environmentally friendly source of energy.

Propane Upgrades / Conversions

If you are considering converting to another source of heat, hot water, or cooking fuel; consider making the switch to Propane Gas. Depending on your current appliance setup you may be able to make the switch to propane for little cost. Or if you’re upgrading an old heating oil or natural gas appliance, take a look at a Propane conversion. Many high efficient alternative fuel appliances such as Propane are eligible for tax credits, this means even more of a savings for you.

When converting or switching to Propane choose us as your supplier and you will receive a $100 account credit toward your Propane Gas*. We will also set and install your Propane tank and supply line at no additional charge!*

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*$100 account credit and free setup applicable to new credit approved customers who enroll in our automatic fill program only. A annual rental fee may apply to low usage or temporary applications.

Propane Generators and Back-up Power

Losing electric due to weather and other infrastructure issues can cost a homeowner or business hundreds if not thousands of dollars due to essential household or commercial equipment that will not function. These outages can last days or weeks at a time depending on the issue.

Many home and business owners are turning to generators for back-up power supply to keep household appliances and commercial equipment up and running when power fails. Many of these generators run on clean, efficient Propone. Most generators are designed to power up when the main electric powers down. The 21st Century Energy Group can install and supply both a tank and the Propane gas to run your back-up generator to keep your home or business running.

*Tanks installed for back-up generators may incur a  rental fee due to their low usage when not in use.

20 lb Propane Grill, RV, and Portable Propane Cylinders

At our New Castle, Conneaut Lake, and Orwell locations we refill 20 lb Propane grill tanks on site for $16. We also refill 30 lb, 40 lb, and 100 lb cylinders at these locations.

20 lb Propane grill tank exchanges are also available at all of our of our Last Minit Mart Convenience Store locations. (Prices may vary)

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