FAQs & Tips

Fuel & Delivery

  • Why do i need my tank inspected?
    Indoor heating oil tanks, just like any other metal mechanical device can deteriorate with time and begin to leak at the connections, plugs, or weld seams. When this occurs fuel can enter your residence causing damaged to the structure, property, and the environment. This damage can become very expensive to clean up and result in loss of heat while the issue is fixed. We are conducting free tank inspections to help prevent this damage by finding these issues with fuel storage before they become large problems. This helps us as a company to become more efficient while making deliveries and to keep costs down. It helps you as a consumer to keep your residence and property safe from a potentially hazardous scenario.
  • When can I expect my delivery?
    We make every effort to deliver your Heating Oil, Propane, Gasoline, and Diesel as soon as we possibly can. Factors such as workload, immediate need, and availability play into the time frame in which you receive your delivery. Most deliveries are made within 2-3 business days depending on the above factors, but that time frame could be, on rare occasions and during peak winter months, up to 7-10 business days. Unless you are an Automatic Delivery customer, checking your tank regularly and scheduling a delivery well in advance helps us as well as you.

  • My gauge is broken. How do I tell how much fuel I have?
    If your heating oil fuel tank is missing or broken, you can determine how much fuel is in it a couple different ways. If you have access to an open port or plug in the top of the tank you can place a measuring stick down into the tank, pull it out compare the inches of fuel on the stick to our Fuel Tank Charts Here. You can also tap on the side of the tank, working up from the bottom, if it sounds solid there is fuel, if it sounds hollow you have passed the fuel level. Determine how many inches up from the bottom of the tank it is until it sounds hollow, then compare the inches to our Fuel Tank Charts Here. If your propane tank gauge is not working correctly, there is not a way to properly determine the amount of fuel in the tank. Please Contact Us for a replacement gauge.
  • How can I tell what size fuel tank I have?
    Home Heating Fuel and Propane tanks come in several different sizes. Knowing what size tank you have is very helpful when placing your order or determining how many gallons of Fuel you currently have. View our Fuel Tank Charts for tank sizes and dimensions to determine the size of the tank you have.
  • How do I know what Heating Fuel I need?
    The type of Heating Fuel you need depends on several factors or personal preference. Click Fuel Types to see the difference in our fuels, or call you local delivery center and talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members to help with the choice of fuel.
  • How is my automatic delivery time frame determined?
    If you are an Automatic Delivery customer, the frequency in which we delivery your fuel is dependent on your personal usage compared to the current temperatures outside. This system is referred to as Degree Day. A calculation of the high and low of the day, is then compared to your usage. Click Here for Degree Day details. When our fuel management system, based on this information, determines that your Heating Oil or Propane tank can hold between 70-80% of its capacity it generates an order.
  • My tank is below 20% of its capacity and I have not had a delivery yet.
    If you are an Automatic Delivery customer and you notice your tank is getting low and we have not delivered your fuel yet, please Contact Us. Some conditional factors in our fuel management system can produce incorrect information as to when you would be due for a delivery. Some of these factors include; a new customer in which we do not have adequate delivery history, a change in you fuel usage such as a home addition or additional heating sources and/or appliances, or change of type of heating fuel. Please let us know of any changes that could affect your fuel usage so we may correct our system accordingly. New account usage usually corrects itself after the first 2 deliveries.
  • I ran out of Heating Oil or Propane, now my furnace and/or appliances will not run.
    Letting your Heating Oil or Propane tank run out may cause furnace or other appliance problems. Running out of fuel allows air and contaminates to enter the fuel system that wouldn’t normally be introduced. This could result in a furnace that will not fire, clogged filters, or pilot lights going out. If this occurs our drivers may be able to reset the furnace or re-light pilot lights (a small fee may be charged). For other problems, please call a Heating and Cooling technician to inspect your fuel system for damage or maintenance in order for it to continue to function properly.


  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept many forms of payment. Cash and Checks can be dropped of at any of our delivery center offices. (After hours drop off not available at all locations). Checks and money orders can be mailed to our delivery center offices. Credit Cards can be processed over the phone or at the delivery center office. Payments can also be made on your account via Online Account access using a Credit or Debit card or with a withdrawal from your bank account using an eCheck. Visa, Mastercard, and Discover are accepted.
  • I made an online payment but it is not showing in my account.
    Payments made online are processed the same day and will reflect on your 21st Century Energy Group online account the following business day. If you are concerned about an online payment please Contact Us and we will research the issue.
  • I got an invoice in the mail after I prepaid, paid the driver, or mailed in my payment.
    Our accounting system is set to produce an invoice after a delivery is made, regardless of payment that was already received. If this occurs simply keep the invoice as an official record of your delivery.
  • I got an end of month statement stating I’m past due, but I paid my bill.
    Occasionally mail gets lost in transit or misplaced, this could result in your balance not being paid on your account. Additionally our accounting system may not deduct the Prompt Pay Discount from your account correctly leaving a small balance. If this happens please Contact Us and explain the situation and we will help resolve the problem.
  • My delivery slip left by the driver does not show the correct price.
    You may receive a delivery slip from the driver that has been hand corrected by the driver, or contains the wrong price. This can occur when the driver’s computer in their delivery truck did not print the correct pricing for the order. This does not happen on a regular basis, but if it does and you do have concerns, please Contact Us for clarification of the amount you owe. Usually when this occurs you will receive an invoice in the mail following the delivery with the corrected price.
  • The driver did not leave a copy of the delivery slip after the delivery was made.
    The driver will make every attempt to leave a copy of the delivery slip after the delivery is made. If you did not receive one, the driver may not have been able to place it somewhere that was secure, the wind or rain may have blown it away or destroyed it, or the driver may have brought it back to the office to be mailed to you. We are not permitted to leave it in the mailbox by federal law. If you are concerned about your copy of the delivery slip please Contact Us and we can reproduce a copy for you.
  • My neighbor and I both got a delivery on the same day but my price per gallon was more.
    Pricing per gallon varies by customer depending on the fuel, the requested gallons, and customer type. For example, a customer who requests 100 gallons will pay a slightly higher price compared to a customer who lets us fill their 550 gallon tank with 500 gallons of fuel. Our volume pricing structure results in the more fuel ordered, the lower the price. Alternatively a Flex Pay or Automatic Delivery customer will pay a different price compared to a Will Call customer based on the conditions of being on the Flex Pay Plan or Automatic Delivery.
  • I’m starting to get low on Heating Oil or Propane but can not afford a delivery.
    We have plans and assistance in place to help with paying for your fuel during times of need. Our Flex Pay Plan allows you to take your home heating costs for the year and divide it over 12 months. Financial Assistance is also available from multiple local and state agencies in which grants and free fuel is available to those who qualify. Please click on the links above to read more about each option.

Online Account

  • I want to access my account online, what do I need to do?
    If you are a current customer, your account is already online and waiting for you to register. Simply click on My Account at the top of the page. Once at the log-in screen follow the instructions for your first time logging in. Once you have filled out the appropriate information you will be given access to your online account.
  • When I try to register my account, it tells me that my account is not a valid account.
    When logging into your online account the first time to register, your street number is required for your temporary password. If our accounting system does not have your street address in the first line of your address the street number will not work. For help with this please email your information to help@21stcenturyenergygroup.com, and we will reset your log-in information for you.
  • I forget my online password and when I fill out the information to have a new one sent to me I dont receive it.
    For this problem simply email your account information to help@21stcenturyenergygroup.com and we will reset your information for you.
  • I have two accounts, how can i access both of them?
    If you are administering two or more accounts you can link them together so that you may access them all with one login. Click Here for instructions on linking two or more accounts.
  • Some of my account information online is not correct, how do I correct it?
    Simply email any account corrections that you see on your account to help@21stcenturyenergygroup.com and we will correct it in our accounting system.
  • I’m not currently a customer, can I sign up for an account online?
    If you are not a current customer but would like to sign up or would like more information please fill out the Online Sign-Up form Here and one of our customer service representative will contact you shortly about your request.


  • I received a delivery of Heating Oil and now I have a slight smell of fuel in my house.
    When a delivery is made that fills your tank completely a small amount of fuel may seep out of plumbing connections or oily air may be forced out of the vent or around the tank gauge. This would result in a fuel odor. Using a household odor eliminator should cure your issue and the odor should dissipate in a short amount of time. Loose pipe connections or vents can cause the seepage. An odor or small visual seepage is not a cause for concern at this point unless it continues more than a few hours. Adequate ventilation should be given to the situation. If the odor or seepage persists, please consult a Heating and Cooling technician to fix your plumbing issue.
  • I received a delivery and have a significant amount of fuel leaking.
    A significant amount of fuel leaking indoors or outside requires immediately attention. A cracked tank or loose connection can cause a large leak of fuel from your tank. Please Contact Us as soon as possible as we may be able to assist you in pumping your tank out to minimize loss and environmental damage. (A fee may be charged). The issue will need to be resolved before we will return to delivery fuel.
  • I have a strong Heating Oil odor in my house.
    A strong Heating Oil smell in your house could be the result of a furnace or appliance malfunction or a plumbing issue. To ensure your safety please provide plenty of ventilation to the house by opening windows, removing individuals from the home, and calling a Heating and Cooling technician to inspect and verify that the fuel system is safe before returning into the house.
  • I have a strong Propane odor in my house.
    Propane odor indoors can be the result of faulty plumbing, appliance, or valve. If this occurs remove all individuals from the home and immediately contact us and follow the information Here for a fuel emergency. DO NOT try to relight any pilot lights or introduce an open flame until the odor is completely gone and the Propane system is deemed completely safe.
  • I have a slight Propane odor outside.
    A slight Propane odor outside after a delivery or during an extremely warm day can be normal. A small amount of Propane may escape the blow off valve during filling, causing a slight odor that will dissipate. The temperature on a warm day may expand the gas in your Propane tank to the point where it may release a small amount of Propane out of the blow off valve. A blow off valve is designed to release small amounts of pressure with the expansion of the Propane inside so that the tank pressure remains at a safe level. If you experience a strong odor outside or are concerned about the odor please Contact Us immediately.
  • How do I store Heating Oil or Propane.
    To safely and correctly store any type of Fuel, please use an approved storage tank or cylinder. Improper or unsafe storage methods could result in personal injury or environmental damage that the end user would be personally and financially responsible for. Always consult your fuel supplier or warning labels on the fuel storage containers for safety precautions.
  • I have old Heating Oil in my tank, is it ok to use it?
    Heating Oil that has been sitting and not used for more than 2 years in a proper storage container may need a conditioner to ensure proper function in furnaces and appliance. A product called Sludge Be Gone or SBG can be purchased from any of our delivery centers. Adding this product to your old Heating Oil removes water and contaminates that may interfere with your plumbing and appliances. It would also be recommended that you do not let your tank get extremely low before adding more fuel to it so that any contaminates that are suspended in the top of your fuel are not ingested into the plumbing.