• What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept many forms of payment. Cash and Checks can be dropped of at any of our delivery center offices. (After hours drop off not available at all locations). Checks and money orders can be mailed to our delivery center offices. Credit Cards can be processed over the phone or at the delivery center office. Payments can also be made on your account via Online Account access using a Credit or Debit card or with a withdrawal from your bank account using an eCheck. Visa, Mastercard, and Discover are accepted.
  • I made an online payment but it is not showing in my account.
    Payments made online are processed the same day and will reflect on your 21st Century Energy Group online account the following business day. If you are concerned about an online payment please Contact Us and we will research the issue.
  • I got an invoice in the mail after I prepaid, paid the driver, or mailed in my payment.
    Our accounting system is set to produce an invoice after a delivery is made, regardless of payment that was already received. If this occurs simply keep the invoice as an official record of your delivery.
  • I got an end of month statement stating I’m past due, but I paid my bill.
    Occasionally mail gets lost in transit or misplaced, this could result in your balance not being paid on your account. Additionally our accounting system may not deduct the Prompt Pay Discount from your account correctly leaving a small balance. If this happens please Contact Us and explain the situation and we will help resolve the problem.
  • My delivery slip left by the driver does not show the correct price.
    You may receive a delivery slip from the driver that has been hand corrected by the driver, or contains the wrong price. This can occur when the driver’s computer in their delivery truck did not print the correct pricing for the order. This does not happen on a regular basis, but if it does and you do have concerns, please Contact Us for clarification of the amount you owe. Usually when this occurs you will receive an invoice in the mail following the delivery with the corrected price.
  • The driver did not leave a copy of the delivery slip after the delivery was made.
    The driver will make every attempt to leave a copy of the delivery slip after the delivery is made. If you did not receive one, the driver may not have been able to place it somewhere that was secure, the wind or rain may have blown it away or destroyed it, or the driver may have brought it back to the office to be mailed to you. We are not permitted to leave it in the mailbox by federal law. If you are concerned about your copy of the delivery slip please Contact Us and we can reproduce a copy for you.
  • My neighbor and I both got a delivery on the same day but my price per gallon was more.
    Pricing per gallon varies by customer depending on the fuel, the requested gallons, and customer type. For example, a customer who requests 100 gallons will pay a slightly higher price compared to a customer who lets us fill their 550 gallon tank with 500 gallons of fuel. Our volume pricing structure results in the more fuel ordered, the lower the price. Alternatively a Flex Pay or Automatic Delivery customer will pay a different price compared to a Will Call customer based on the conditions of being on the Flex Pay Plan or Automatic Delivery.
  • I’m starting to get low on Heating Oil or Propane but can not afford a delivery.
    We have plans and assistance in place to help with paying for your fuel during times of need. Our Flex Pay Plan allows you to take your home heating costs for the year and divide it over 12 months. Financial Assistance is also available from multiple local and state agencies in which grants and free fuel is available to those who qualify. Please click on the links above to read more about each option.