• I received a delivery of Heating Oil and now I have a slight smell of fuel in my house.
    When a delivery is made that fills your tank completely a small amount of fuel may seep out of plumbing connections or oily air may be forced out of the vent or around the tank gauge. This would result in a fuel odor. Using a household odor eliminator should cure your issue and the odor should dissipate in a short amount of time. Loose pipe connections or vents can cause the seepage. An odor or small visual seepage is not a cause for concern at this point unless it continues more than a few hours. Adequate ventilation should be given to the situation. If the odor or seepage persists, please consult a Heating and Cooling technician to fix your plumbing issue.
  • I received a delivery and have a significant amount of fuel leaking.
    A significant amount of fuel leaking indoors or outside requires immediately attention. A cracked tank or loose connection can cause a large leak of fuel from your tank. Please Contact Us as soon as possible as we may be able to assist you in pumping your tank out to minimize loss and environmental damage. (A fee may be charged). The issue will need to be resolved before we will return to delivery fuel.
  • I have a strong Heating Oil odor in my house.
    A strong Heating Oil smell in your house could be the result of a furnace or appliance malfunction or a plumbing issue. To ensure your safety please provide plenty of ventilation to the house by opening windows, removing individuals from the home, and calling a Heating and Cooling technician to inspect and verify that the fuel system is safe before returning into the house.
  • I have a strong Propane odor in my house.
    Propane odor indoors can be the result of faulty plumbing, appliance, or valve. If this occurs remove all individuals from the home and immediately contact us and follow the information Here for a fuel emergency. DO NOT try to relight any pilot lights or introduce an open flame until the odor is completely gone and the Propane system is deemed completely safe.
  • I have a slight Propane odor outside.
    A slight Propane odor outside after a delivery or during an extremely warm day can be normal. A small amount of Propane may escape the blow off valve during filling, causing a slight odor that will dissipate. The temperature on a warm day may expand the gas in your Propane tank to the point where it may release a small amount of Propane out of the blow off valve. A blow off valve is designed to release small amounts of pressure with the expansion of the Propane inside so that the tank pressure remains at a safe level. If you experience a strong odor outside or are concerned about the odor please Contact Us immediately.
  • How do I store Heating Oil or Propane.
    To safely and correctly store any type of Fuel, please use an approved storage tank or cylinder. Improper or unsafe storage methods could result in personal injury or environmental damage that the end user would be personally and financially responsible for. Always consult your fuel supplier or warning labels on the fuel storage containers for safety precautions.
  • I have old Heating Oil in my tank, is it ok to use it?
    Heating Oil that has been sitting and not used for more than 2 years in a proper storage container may need a conditioner to ensure proper function in furnaces and appliance. A product called Sludge Be Gone or SBG can be purchased from any of our delivery centers. Adding this product to your old Heating Oil removes water and contaminates that may interfere with your plumbing and appliances. It would also be recommended that you do not let your tank get extremely low before adding more fuel to it so that any contaminates that are suspended in the top of your fuel are not ingested into the plumbing.