Below you will find details along with helpful links and phone numbers for the LIHEAP and HEAP office in your area. We can also help you with the application process as well as getting you in touch with the agency in your area to help you gain the access you need to acquire the grants for your Heating Fuel or Propane.

The LIHEAP (For Pennsylvania) & HEAP (For Ohio) program is open to anyone who qualifies by the terms set by the state. The program usually starts around the first of November and runs until the department decides to close the program; usually in late winter. The program can be shortened or extended at the states discretion.

Below are links to the LIHEAP and Ohio HEAP sites, brochures, and applications. If you fill out an Pennsylvania application and mail it, it must be mailed to the county address on the Address Form. Please do not mail applications to The 21st Century Energy Group.

Pennsylvania LIHEAP Eligibility Website
Ohio HEAP Eligibility Website
New York HEAP Eligibility Website

Phone Numbers

LIHEAP (Pennsylvania) Central Office
(866) 857-7095

HEAP (Ohio) Central Office
(800) 282-0880

HEAP (New York) Central Office
(800) 342-3009

Lawrence County, PA
(724) 656-3000

Mercer County, PA
(724) 983-5000

Beaver County, PA
(724) 773-7490
(724) 773-7300

Crawford County, PA
(814) 333-3400

Erie County, PA
(814) 461-2002
(814) 461-2000

Venango County, PA
(814) 437-4342
(814) 437-4341

Warren County, PA
(814) 726-2540
(814) 723-6330

Forrest County, PA
(814) 755-3552

Clarion County, PA
(814) 226-1780
(814) 226-1700

Westmoreland County, PA
(724) 832-5524

Butler County, PA
(724) 284-8844

Armstrong County, PA
(724) 543-6076

Allegheny County, PA
(412) 562-0330

Washington County, PA
(724) 223-5246
(724) 223-4300

Mahoning County, OH
(330) 747-7921

Columbiana County, OH
(330) 424-7221

Trumbull County, OH
(330) 393-2507

Ashtabula County, OH
(440) 997-5957

Chautauqua County, NY
(716) 753-4385