Flex Pay, Pre-Buy & Price Lock Plans

Flex Pay Plan

With the Flex Pay plan, our credit managers work with your average heating season usage and your budget to calculate a manageable monthly payment to spread the cost of your home heating over the entire year.

12 monthly payments are set on your account starting in July, this builds a credit on your account going into the heating season. As you begin to receive deliveries that credit is used up. Continued payments through the heating season and into spring pay off your account. Each year new monthly payments are calculated based on usage and upcoming market price estimates.

Enrollment is due by June 30th of each year. Click below to contact us about how you can save with our Flex Pay Plan!

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Pre-Buy Plan

Every year we have an open enrollment into our Pre-Buy Plan. From mid summer until September15th we offer the chance for you to Pre-Buy your Heating Fuel or Propane for the upcoming heating season. This gives us the ability to offer you a great price and peace of mind that you have already purchased your Heating Fuel or Propane. No matter how the market fluctuates, you already have your fuel purchased. The only requirements of the program are that you purchase a 500 minimum gallons of Heating Fuel or Propane and use it within 24 months of purchase.

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Price Lock Plan (Formally Price Cap)

The Price Cap Plan gives you the ability to manage how you purchase your Heating Fuel and Propane for the upcoming heating season. Like the Pre-Buy plan we have open enrollment in mid summer until September 15th. Based on current market conditions we set a price per gallon for Heating Fuel and Propane. This price is the capped price for that heating season. Then for every delivery through April 15th of the following year, you are guaranteed not to pay more than that capped price per gallon no matter how the cost of fuel fluctuates. If the cost of fuel rises you are guaranteed the capped price. But if the cost of fuel drops below the capped price, our system will use the cheaper of the two prices to maximize your home heating fuel dollar!

Terms & Conditions

* A small application fee applies