Home Heating Pricing Plans, What’s The Difference?

June 8, 2023 | Posted in Special Offers, Seasonal, Articles

Each year we offer several pricing plans to our customers to help them manage their home heating fuels and expenses for the upcoming heating season. Each of these plans offer their own advantages and give customers options for their specific fuel usage. Below, we describe each plan and how it can be taken advantage of.

  • Flex Payment Plan – This plan is a budgeted 12-month payment plan. This plan gives customers the flexibility to spread their heating season expenses out over time with manageable monthly payments based on their typical usage. This alleviates larger lump sum heating bills during the winter.  Deliveries still occur as normal based on how the customer places order, but payment is no longer due at the time of delivery. Estimated payments are based on the customers average usage over the past 2 years, and a estimated price per gallon that will cover the upcoming heating season. Payments begin in July, building a credit on the account through the Fall. As deliveries are made through the winter, the credit is used up. Continued payments in the spring though June cover any remaining amount due on the account. This process is then repeated each year the account would like to keep enrolled in the plan.


  • Pre-Buy Plan – For those who wish to set it and forget it, the Pre-Buy plan is the option for you. This plan allows the customer to pre-purchase a minimum of 500 gallons of their Home Heating Oil or Propane to be used over the next 24 months. Pre-Buying your heating fuel gives you the peace of mind that your upcoming heating expenses are already paid up and unexpected heating bills are a thing of the past. Summer prices are typically some of the lowest during the year, so pre-purchasing your gallons also saves money overall by protecting your price per gallon against market fluctuations. Orders for fuel while enrolled in our Pre-Buy plan are still controlled by the customer, whether its by placing the order when it is needed, or with our Automatic Deliveries. The Pre-Buy plan enrollment period begins late spring and runs through September 15th of each year.


  • Price Lock Plan – If your looking to set a maximum price per gallon during the heating season, but aren’t able to take advantage of the above plans, this may be the plan that fits into your budget. The Price Lock Plan uses a set maximum price per gallon to “Lock” a customers price per gallon at no more than that set price for every delivery during the upcoming heating season. With each order that is delivered, the customer’s standard price per gallon at that time is compared to the “Lock” price, and the delivery is billed at whichever is lower, guaranteeing the “Lock” price or lower all season. Enrollment in this plan does include a $99 enrollment fee and covers all deliveries from the time of enrollment through April 15th of the following year. Like Pre-Buy plan above, this plan is available for enrollment from early spring through September 15th.

With these three options, customers can take control of their heating expenses and protect themselves again fluctuations in heating costs throughout the year. To enroll in any of the above plans or for more information click below to contact your local Delivery Center.

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