Third Party Bill Pays Charge You Extra

July 7, 2023 | Posted in Propane, Seasonal, Articles

If you have ever searched on Google, Bing, or Yahoo for how to pay your bill online with us, you may have come across websites run by companies called DOXO or BILLGO that are not affiliated with us. These are 3rd party bill payment website companies that make their money processing payments on your behalf and charging you a fee to send it to us. Along with charging you a fee, they also now have your credit card or bank account information.

These companies WILL eventually get your payment to us by mail, but it may take upwards of a month for us to receive it. This delay could void any prompt payment discounts you may be eligible for when paying your bill.

Instead, we recommend using our online customer portal for processing your online payment with us. Not only do we process your credit card or eCheck safely and securely, we do not charge any processing fees for paying your Heating Oil, Propane, or Commercial Fuel bill with us. We get your payment instantly, allowing you to take advantage of all prompt pay discounts your entitled to. Along with paying your bill online, you also get access to your account history and fuel ordering pages.

So next time you are looking to pay your energy bill online with us, make sure the site is contains “” in the link or address. You can access your account 24/7 at


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