What Is Automatic Delivery?

December 11, 2023 | Posted in Propane, Seasonal, Articles

Many of our customers take advantage of our Automatic Delivery program when it comes to their Heating Oil and Propane deliveries. But what is Automatic Delivery?

Automatic Delivery is a calculation of account fuel usage and current weather trends to predict when your tank could take a delivery of around 70-80% of your tank size.

Our fueling software takes in each days high and low temperatures and calculates what is called a “Degree Day” number. This number represents how warm or cold each day is throughout the year. Each accounts past delivery volumes and dates are compared to the estimated Degree Day numbers for the weeks and months upcoming.

Using all of this information our fueling software estimates when your next delivery should occur and “Automatically” creates an order for our dispatchers. These estimations only take effect during the heating season and do carry over from spring to fall so each delivery is just right. Using Automatic Delivery gives you the peace of mind that if you forget to check your tank levels, we have you covered! And if there is an issue where you do run out, we will make it right that day! So take advantage of our Automatic Deliveries and leave the worrying to us.

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