Why Keep A Full Tank During Summer?

June 29, 2023 | Posted in Seasonal, Articles

Why is it helpful to keep a Heating Oil tank full during the summer?

A full heating oil tank reduces the amount of area inside the tank that is exposed to air and moisture. Like the morning dew on the grass, exposed interior walls of a Heating Oil tank can collect droplets of moisture with the outside temperature fluctuations from day to night. Over many months of this uninterrupted exposure, those many droplets of moisture can create a water build up in your tank. This water can cause rusting of the tank from the inside out, as well as ice build up in outside tanks when freezing temperatures hit. Rusting of the tank can cause pinholes that are not visible from the outside until its too late, and ice can clog lines and filters. Even water that is not frozen that is mixed with Heating Oil can restrict your furnace or boiler from performing at its best.

Spring and Summer are the best times to fill up to protect against these elements. Our Summer Fill pricing is in effect and is typically lower than during the heating season. Plus having a full tank to start the heating season gives you worry free start up when that first cold blast hits.

Take advantage of lower prices all while protecting your heating system. Call your local delivery center today to schedule your Summer Fill.


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